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In general, a reference is something that refers or points to something else, or acts as a connection or a link between two things. The objects it links may be concrete, such as books or locations, or abstract, such as data, thoughts, or memories. The following websites all reference some sort of information, and will prove helpful in answering some important questions.
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Free Printable Calendars -
Free printable calendars. Print or download a PDF or word doc. Monthly, yearly weekly formats. Currently you print for any month or year, but that may change in the future. Customize with different colors, themes, icons and notes. (Details)
ISEE test -
Need to learn about ISEE tests? Shmoop makes learning more fun and relevant for students in the digital age. Find all the information you need to gain a better understanding of ISEE tests, from study guides, practice tests, and more. Why go anywhere else? Shmoop has you covered. (Details)
criminal defense attorneys -
Let match you with the right criminal defense attorney with the know-how for your legal needs. (Details)
Flight School -
TransPac Aviation Academy is a world leader in airline and pilot training and provides the advanced training for flight crews of over 200 airlines around the world. Our Career Pilot Program is designed specifically to meet the needs of these airlines and you the student. (Details)
Online College Education -
DirectoryofEducation lists universities and schools providing online college programs in fields like Education, Business, Marketing, Management, Psychology, Design, Technology, Nursing, Paralegal plus more. (Details)
Learning How - Australian Education Online -
Learning How contains niche articles on topics which they never taught you at school. Learning How is an Australian Online Education resource free of charge. Visit us now to learn all the call things. (Details)
Thin Client ERP Systems Reference -
A reference site containing articles and reviews of thin client ERP solutions. The thin client ERP site also contains articles on manufacturing ERP systems. (Details)
Exposition Award Medals -
Expo medals of US expositions. Site includes description and photos of medals of award, souvenir and offical. (Details) - Bid Your Box To the Top! - is a fun and easy way to advertise your website. Our link directory displays your bidbox preview image and lets you bid your box to the top of the list. With a starting bid of $1 you are guaranteed a spot in our Heavily Promoted Website Directory. (Details)
ADirectory - USA Reference Directory -
Find information about the United States' most populous cities and its 50 states. Browse leading reference web sites covering a broad range of topics from Arts to Zoology. (Details)
e-ReferenceDesk -
Offers a family-friendly educational resource about the 50 states, as well as guides to business, financial, and education products and services, including goods to maintain and beautify the home or garden and information on colleges and universities. (Details)
Free Sample Letters of Recommendation -
Provides sample reference letters categorized by subject, degree type, and function. Also covers letter writing tips and examples of reference template. (Details)
Guatemala Spanish Language Schools -
Young, small, self-sustainable cooperative of host families, Spanish instructors & volunteers inviting you for homestay, 1-on-1 Spanish lesson, volunteering & excursion. (Details)
Custom Term Papers, Custom Essays and Research Papers -
Genuine Writing writes custom essays and term papers on all academic subjects. All writing is done by qualified American University graduates. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed to every customer. (Details)