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Music is a natural intuitive phenomenon operating in the three worlds of time, pitch, energy, and under the three distinct and interrelated organization structures of rhythm, harmony, and melody. Since the music phenomenon is natural and intuitive, humans can also virtually perform and hear music in their minds, without even learning or understanding it. While music is a natural intuitive phenomenon, composing, improvising and performing it are art forms. Also, listening to it can be a source of entertainment, while learning and understanding it are disciplines.
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Devendo 1981MSUC/MOVIES -
Treasured Memories - http://www.ericw.citymaker.con
singer/musician-eric waterman,original country/folk songs,photos of gander river and boyd's cove,newfoundland,canada. (Details)
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Musical Instruments -
Offers a wide selection of popular name brand musical instruments, not limited to guitars. Purchase drums, lighting, flutes and much more, at reasonable prices. (Details)
DJ"E The Music Master -
DJ "E" has relocated to the Metro Atlanta area and has captured the likes of many fans here in Atlanta. DJ "E" is a true master of music and has dj'ed an event for the Neighborhood Charter School located in Atlanta. Everyone who attended this event knows that DJ "E" is the Music Master (Details)
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All-in-one music software offers a fast converter, editor, burner, ripper, player, music lyrics search, and much more for MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, etc. all in one easy to use, feature-rich application. (Details)